Dragoman 1.8.0

Batch convert files on your Mac


  • Supports all sorts of formats
  • Simple batch conversion


  • Some formats are read-only
  • Only video is missing

Very good

This program can no longer be downloaded. You can look for alternatives in Apps > Utilities > Text > Converters.

I can already hear you complaining at yet another batch converter. It's true there probably are way too many converters out there, with the majority of them pretty much identical too each other. Dragoman is all around pretty good though and stands out thanks to its versatility.

I've found Dragoman very easy to use: just drag and drop your file onto the interface, select the format you want to convert it to and let it work its magic. Dragoman's real strength is that it handles all sorts of formats, from images to audio, text and archive. You'll find only video is missing to turn it into a complete batch converter. For each category, Dragoman offers a wide choice of formats, although you will probably notice that some of these, such as MP3 or RAR, are read-only.

Batch converting with Dragoman is as simple as working with one file. You just drag are your files onto Dragoman, select the output format and let Dragoman do the hard work.

Dragoman is a good batch converter handling multiple file formats.

Bug fixes


  • Bug fixes


Dragoman 1.8.0

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